Monday, December 23, 2013

Miracles Abound

Miracles abound.

It is breathtaking, the blanket He laid this morning.  The shining sparkle exciting our hearts for His coming.

We sat long on the wood floor right outside the sliding glass doors.  She said she was pretending to sit in the snow.  And, who wouldn't want to sit in a blanket prepared especially by the King?

I dared imagine she sat there to be close to me. 

Soaking in His warming rays, that was the concensus.

His love enveloped, hugged us in tight, invited us to stay.

She sat long in my arms last eve, laid her head against my shoulder as the prayers were lifted.  Tears ran down my cheeks, overwhelmed with grace of family gathered round, crying upwards for a child.

I gently stroked her brow, washed her nose with a tear.  She squeezed tighter, releasing the dammed up tears to overspill.

Yes, dear Jesus, we eagerly await You.  The greatest Gift, the Hope for the world. 

And we watch in anticipation for this story to unfold.  Your revealing of Yourself in and through this broken mess.

My heart overflows.